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Release Notes (Feb 2022)
Release Notes (Feb 2022)

February 2022 product release notes

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About Cherre

Cherre is the leader in real estate data and insight. We connect decision makers to accurate property and market information, and help them make faster, smarter decisions. By providing a unique “single source of truth,” Cherre empowers customers to evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately, while saving millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs.


New Search Geographies & Drawn Boundaries

We’ve enhanced the filters in the CoreExplore Property Search, allowing users to search for properties, owners, and markets through an expanded list of geographies and view their boundaries on the map. Users can now filter results by the most relevant geography for their use case.

Newly added geographies include:

  1. MSAs

  2. REIS Submarkets

  3. Neighborhoods

  4. Counties

  5. States

These are in addition to existing geographies:

  1. Cities

  2. REIS Markets

  3. Zip Codes

Accessing Geographic Filters

  1. Start typing your preferred geography in the lookup on the home page or in the map search

  2. Select a matching option from the autocomplete (eg. MSA, Submarket, State, etc.)

  3. View your search results for the selected geography and its boundary on the map. Select the “Remove Boundary” button to clear the geography.

Search By Map

We’ve also upgraded the search experience by making the map your geographic criteria when a property or geography has not been selected. Your results will instantaneously update as you pan or zoom the map to the desired location.

Data Connections

SafeGraph - Core Place, Geometry, & Patterns

We’re happy to announce that Safegraph is now available as a Cherre Lightning Connection! Cherre Lightning Connections enable customers to add unique datasets to their Cherre Data analytics warehouse within hours instead of weeks.

The Safegraph connection includes the Core Places, Geometry, and Weekly Patterns data sets. Core Places data provides baseline information for every POI, including location name, address, lat/long, category, brand, and more! With POI data for the US, Canada, and Great Britain, you can gain insights about any location that a person can visit aside from private residences. Geometry data provides POI footprints and spatial hierarchy metadata for over 9 million places. Weekly Patterns includes visitor and demographic aggregations for points of interest (POIs) in the US, answering how often people visit, how long they stay, where they came from, where else they go, and more.

For more information, please see the Safegraph data dictionary and sample data.

RentRange Market Trends

We’re happy to announce that Rent Range Market Trends data is now available as a Cherre Lightning Connection! Cherre Lightning Connections enable customers to add unique datasets to their Cherre Data analytics warehouse within hours instead of weeks.

RentRange® provides reliable rental market intelligence – with the goal of helping real estate investors, property managers, real estate agents, lenders and financial institutions make informed investment decisions and operate more profitably. Rent Range rental market trend data provides tools that can help make smarter real estate decisions for business.

For more information, please see the RentRange data dictionary and sample data.

Compstak Sales and Lease Comps

We’re happy to announce that Compstak Sales and Lease comps data is now available as a Cherre Lightning Connection! Cherre Lightning Connections enable customers to add unique datasets to their Cherre Data analytics warehouse within hours instead of weeks.

CompStak delivers commercial real estate transaction details to help execute deals more efficiently. Compstak’s team of real estate analysts daily add recently signed deals nationwide to create the most reliable complete commercial property database

available for instant analysis.

For more information, please see the Compstak data dictionary and sample data.

Data Kits

Introducing Data Kits for SFR

What are Data Kits?

Cherre Data Kits are collections of filtered and derived data and dashboards to serve specific use cases. Our Cherre Foundation layer and connected data provides a broad and flexible platform to apply in your business. Data Kits take specific groups of data, and filters, combines, connects, and transforms them in relevant ways to allow clients to answer specific questions, build specific models, or operationalize specific data even faster.

What’s in the Alpha Data Kit release?

We have curated data sets specifically to serve clients who are working with single families, condos, and townhomes. Be it for acquisition use cases or management, the kit is targeted towards all things SFR.

The release will include 4 tables to start:

  • Residential transactions table

    • This table combines data from tax assessor and recorder

    • Filters and labels SFR assets as single family, townhome, and condo

    • Combines data with Cherre’s Owner Unmasking

    • Combines data with market identifies like school attendance boundaries, MSA, neighborhood and zip

  • Market tables (3 tables, 1 for each market type)

    • These tables include median, mean, and standard deviation for price per square foot by time period for each market type

    • Time periods available are month, quarter, and year

    • Market types available are MSA, school attendance boundaries, zip and coming soon, neighborhood

    • For clients who currently have or plan to have Oxford Economics data, we have also combined Oxford Economics into the market tables to allow clients to quickly model market dynamics using econometric data points

How do I access it?

The Data Kit will be available through the API on a trial basis but does need to be approved and provisioned. If you are interested in exploring the data or would like to trial the Data Kit for SFR, reach out to your Cherre client support or account representative for more details.

Cherre API

Owner Unmask v2.0

We have released a new version of our owner unmask data (usa_owner_unmask). There are three major advantages to this new version:

  1. Expanded coverage - we now cover over 100,000 large portfolio owners in the US.

  2. Faster updates - Owner Unmasking will be updated weekly to ensure data is up to date.

  3. Increased accuracy - our unmasking algorithm’s accuracy is now twice as reliable against our benchmark dataset.

Previously, this property in Harlingen, Texas, which the tax recorder lists as being owned by “VS HARLINGEN GARDENS LLC” returned “Touchstone Asset Management” as its unmasked owner. With our updated release it will now unmask the true owner, “VALSTONE”.

query UnmaskedOwnerSearch {
tax_assessor(where: { tax_assessor_id: { _eq: 133286356 } }) {
tax_assessor_owner__tax_assessor_id {
where: { has_confidence: { _eq: true } }
) {

Additionally, you can look through the portfolios of owners more easily through usa_owner_unmask. Currently, usa_owner_unmask produces an empty list of results when searching for properties owned by Valstone, but with the new release you will be able to view the 129 properties that we have unmasked as owned by them.

query PortfolioSearch {
usa_owner_unmask(where: { owner_name: { _eq: "VALSTONE" } }) {
tax_assessor__tax_assessor_id {

Updated Building Footprints Data

We have updated and expanded our set of building footprints across the US. These improvements added 4% more building footprints and increased our total building count to over 77 million records.

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